Surveys of Damaged Yachts

Unfortunately, damage can and does occur to boats and yachts. We can help with your surveys of damaged yachts for either owners or insurance companies.

Maple Marine’s surveyors provide services in surveys of damaged yachts.

We can either work on behalf of your insurance company, or you can engage us independently if you wish . You may wish to do this when there is a third-party insurance company who will be paying to repair the damage.

Insurance companies will typically want three main things from a damage survey:

  • An assessment of the damage.
  • Information to help them determine the likely cause of the damage or loss.
  • An assessment of the quotations for repair and the companies that have issued them.

Maple Marine’s surveyors can help you with providing this for you or your insurance company.

If you are having repairs carried out, Maple Marine’s surveyors can also provide an independent assessment of the work that is being proposed, both in checking whether what is proposed is really required or enough, and also in monitoring the repair on your behalf.

For example, Maple Marine looked at quotations for the repair of a dent in the hull of a charter boat for the charter company. The dent was in a location on the hull which was double skinned, with a core, and had dented the core. However, the cheapest quotation was rejected as the core was not being repaired as part of the work proposed. Without the involvement of Maple Marine, the client could well have ended up with a second-class repair which was only cosmetic and could eventually end up costing more.