Pre-Purchase Surveys – Buying a Boat?

  • Experienced and thorough yacht surveyor for Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • Clearly explaned findings
  • Survey reports normally delivered within 2 working days

We offer a number of services for boat and yacht buyers:

Pre-Purchase Surveys

If you are buying a boat or a yacht an inspection from a Professional Yacht Surveyor, like Maple Marine, helps uncover problems with your potential purchase that you may not be able to spot. Maple Marine has both the equipment and the knowledge to provide you with a professional assessment of the condition of the vessel.

The purpose of all condition surveys is to have an independent expert check for any major defects or issues that could cause problems or require repair. It is recommended that the yacht be inspected both in and out of the water for a full assessment to be completed with as much detail as possible.

We understand the requirements of pre-purchase brokerage contracts and will work well within the timescales if we can.

“Several surveyors were suggested when I was buying my Linssen. Against Martin’s name came the comment that he was rather zealous and could be very detailed. This was good enough for me to immediately engage him. As suggested the survey was very thorough and the report comprehensive.
Equally impressive to me was the time and assistance which Martin has freely given me. From the moment I first contacted him he regularly communicated with me; starting with sorting times for the survey and the cranage, through to getting the report to me when I was in the US, and talking me through it, then walking me through the boat explaining his comments when the boat arrived at my Marina (and Martin coincidentally was also there doing a survey), to continuing to answer my emails very promptly as I have asked him for advice on implementing his recommendations.
Not only a full comprehensive survey, but also an outstanding total service.”


Limited Scope Surveys

We can look at just part of the vessel for you if you wish. For example, you may decide that you want to limit the survey to the outside of the hull. In that case, we would perform a limited-scope survey that covers only the items you ask us to survey.

However, these surveys would not cover anything other than items that we have been asked to inspect.

For example, if the survey is to be carried out in the water, we cannot comment on anything that requires access to the bottom to inspect and that we cannot see.

Typical Report Contents

For power boats, the following typically are the headings typically found in the report:

Hull, Deck and Superstructure

  • Hull below Waterline
  • Transom
  • Hull Above the Waterline
  • Deck
  • Bathing Platform
  • Cockpit
  • Flybridge
  • Hull/Deck Join
  • Internal Hull Structure
  • Skin Fittings
  • Bow Thruster
  • Anodes

Engines and Fuel System

  • Engines
  • Sterndrives/IPS Drives/Pods/Shafts and Stern Glands
  • Propellers
  • Fuel System
  • Trim Tabs/Stabilisers
  • Steering Gear
  • Sea-Trial
  • Generator

Above Deck

  • Hatches & Windows
  • Deck gear

Safety Equipment

  • Navigation Lights
  • Bilge Pumping
  • Fire Protection
  • Personal Safety Equipment
  • Ground Tackle

On Board Systems

  • Gas System
  • Fresh Water Installation
  • Sewage System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Canvas

Electrical System

  • 12V DC Electrical System, Batteries and Charging
  • 240V AC Electrical System
  • Lighting
  • Domestic Equipment
  • Navigation Equipment

For sailing boats there are typically additional sections on basic rigging checks and keels.