Our aims for your survey

We aim to be open, honest, fair and diligent with our surveys.

Pre-purchase surveys

For Pre-purchase surveys, our aim is for you to have an understanding of the good points and issues of the boat you are looking to buy so that you are better informed to make your mind up on how you want to proceed.* We aim to get the report to you in a timely manner, keeping you informed of timescales and changes to them.

Coding surveys

For MCA coding surveys our aim is to provide a pragmatic service, that helps you to achieve the code requirements as clearly as possible, in a timely way.

Tonnage surveys

For tonnage surveys, our aim is to undertake the work at a time of mutual convenience, in a way that disrupts your use of the boat as little as possible and gets you the tonnage measurement in a timely fashion.

“The whole survey process was more thorough and comprehensive than I had anticipated and the report was clear and comprehensive. I felt that I received good value for money.”

* The scope and limitations of the survey can limit what we can report on.